Boston Gun and Rifle is a private club that is accepting applications for new members. You must have an active Massachusetts LTC and your own firearm to join. The club does not rent guns. To join, you must come to the club and fill out an application and submit it for approval. Upon acceptance of your application you will be given a walk-through of the club and you must complete a range safety orientation administered by the club manager to verify your safe handling and live firing of your firearm.


  • Members may visit the club during club hours as many times as they would like without an appointment and without a time limit.
  • Members may bring a guest. (Subject to the club rules below)
  • Members will have access to our firearms transfer services at $40 per transfer.
  • Members may rent lockers from us for an annual fee. Small lockers are $50 and large lockers are $80. Storing firearms in lockers is strictly prohibited. Membership will be subject to revocation if this policy is violated.
  • Members have access to our firearm cleaning equipment and can borrow eye and ear protection at no cost.


1st year fee is $250. Each subsequent year the fee is $150. Your membership runs yearly from the date that you join. We accept personal checks, money orders, cash and major credit cards.

If you completed an LTC/FID Course with the club, you will receive a $50 discount for the first year of membership.

Late Fees: Members who pay their annual dues 30+ days after their membership expiration will be assessed a $25 late fee. Members who pay their annual dues 60+ days after their membership expiration will be assessed a $50 late fee.

Locker Policy: Lockers must be cleared before the membership expiration date. If the member has not cleared their locker, the club will clear the locker 90 days after the membership expiration date. If the club has to clear the locker, then the member will be prohibited from renting any future lockers. Storing firearms in lockers is strictly prohibited. Membership will be subject to revocation if this policy is violated.

Law Enforcement Membership

For law enforcement membership, please contact Officer Fadel at 617-833-7682

Club Rules

  • As of February 1st, 2019, Boston Gun and Rifle has become a lead free range to protect the health of staff, members and guests. In order to ensure that only lead free ammo is used, members must purchase ammo directly from the club. Members may not bring their own ammo. Members who bring and shoot outside ammo in the club will have their membership become subject to suspension or revocation. BGRA has ZERO tolerance for this type of violation. All ammo MUST be purchased at the BGRA.
  • Only pistols and pistol caliber rifles are allowed to be used in the range. Only the following calibers are allowed: .380acp, 9mm, .38spl, .40s&w and .45acp
  • Guest Policy: Members may bring a guest that has an LTC for $25. More than one guest will require prior approval. The guest must remain in the same booth as the member. Guests who do not have an LTC will need to have an instructor present and the fee will be $120 since the instructor will need to be present the whole time.
  • Members may draw from a holster with the condition that they lift up the shooting booth table and step into the center of the booth. Great caution must be taken to ensure safety!
  • Members are allowed to shoot rapidly as long as they can safely do so without hitting the ceiling or any equipment. You may be asked to stop or leave if you damage any property and your membership may be subject to revocation depending on the damage caused.
  • Firearms must be in a case or holster when entering the club. Un-holstering or removing firearms from a case must be done in a shooting booth.
  • All loading/unloading of firearms must be done in a shooting booth. There is absolutely no handling of loaded firearms except while in a shooting booth on the range with the firearm pointed down range.
  • Any uncased or unholstered firearms in the club area must be unloaded and have the action open.
  • No firearm is to ever be left unattended at any location in the club.
  • Members may not have more than one gun out in the shooting booth at one time. All other guns must be unloaded in your range bag or gun case.
  • Members must keep fingers off the trigger at all times until they are on target and ready to shoot.
  • Members must keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed downrange at all times. Muzzles must be pointed downrange while loading, unloading, manipulating the firearm or while the gun is resting on the bench.
  • Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY at all times while on the range.
  • Any member may call a "Cease Fire". When a cease fire is called, all shooting is to stop immediately and firearms should be cleared and made safe and then placed on the counter in the shooting booth. Shooters are to step back from the booth and stand behind the yellow line until the "All Clear" command is given.
  • If you are unable to clear a jam, place the firearm down on the booth counter with the muzzle pointed down range and ask a Range Safety Officer for assistance.
  • Members are expected to sweep up their brass at the end of their shooting session and deposit it in the spent brass buckets. All used targets, empty ammo boxes, etc. should be disposed of in the trash containers. Empty plastic ammo bags must be returned to the front desk to be recycled.
  • Cleaning of firearms is to be performed at the designated cleaning table. No ammo is allowed on the cleaning table.